• Mary Claire

A Custom Home Painting for an Old Friend

I was thrilled when an old friend, Moira, contacted me on Facebook about creating a custom watercolor of her home. It was the first home she and her husband had purchased, and they were getting ready to sell it. She wanted to give him the watercolor piece as an anniversary gift. What an honor!

She sent me a few photos of her home - one from a distance so I could see the general shape and layout, and then a few closer shots for detail work.

As I sketched it out, I wanted to keep Moira connected to the process, to make sure I wasn't missing any important details. She let me know that one of the trees in front had been a Japanese Red Maple before a tornado took it out! She and her husband had loved it and she wanted to include it in the piece.

I sent some sketches and progress shots along the way...

And finally, when it was done, I headed out to have it matted on foam core and shrink-wrapped to prepare it for shipping. I'm so pleased with the final product, and I hope it makes a great memory for their family!

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